Usually the 11+ exams consist of these four subjects: Verbal Reasoning, NYoung male studenton-verbal Reasoning, Maths and English. The exact nature of the 11+ exam can vary from school to school. Also different schools have different preferences regarding which subjects are included in their entrance examinations.

Why Acuiti Tuitions?

At Acuiti Tuitions we help students to achieve their full potential. Our unique dedicated 11+ courses ensure good results in the exams. Through our scientifically designed courses we ensure that the aptitude and skill of the students are enhanced progressively to a very high standard.

Years of experience has demonstrated that children increase their confidence and knowledge gradually and can sustain that level if taken through a structured and organised learning process. This enables the the child to take the eleven plus examinations with an enhanced level of self-confidence and self-belief.

Key Benefits

  • Child’s skills are enhanced progressively to a very high standard by this structured course.
  • Your child will go through a scientifically designed course to ensure complete coverage.
  • Course will develop your child’s confidence in handling ‘exam pressure’.
  • Child will study skills in a fun environment that will improve learning and retention.
  • You will receive advice on grammar and independent schools and their admission process

Acuiti Method

Tuitions are held in small groups to improve motivation and encourage learning.These small groups ensure that children get individual and personal attention but also the encouragement to learn at a pace that is required for success.

The course follows a scientifically designed process which ensures that the children increase their skill level gradually and build up to peak performance in time for their key 11+ exams.

What People Say About Us

Student write there experiences

My name is Aneesha and am 11 years old, due to start secondary school in September. Raksha was my my tutor for 2 years, from the end of year 4 to the end of year 6. Each week I always looked forward to coming to my tuition lessons with Raksha as she was very kind and made learning complex maths fun and easy. I learnt so much and as a result I did extremely well in my 11+ exams, sats and I got into the selective school of my choice. I am so grateful to her and would strongly recommend her as a tutor.

Ex 11 student

The 11+ examinations process can be a highly stressful time for both parents and pupils alike and the guidance you provided was invaluable. Raksha, you helped prepare our daughter for her entrance exams, building her confidence and making the entire experience as manageable as possible. We are incredibly grateful for all your help and advice and will continue to rely on your support as our younger daughter also embarks on the same journey. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other parents.

Mother of a current 11+ student and an ex-student